Fairfield County, Connecticut

Near Bethel

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Fairfield County Connecticut (Class A) BFRO

May 2013/2014

I have a couple of incidents to report, both took place near Bethel, CT at the property I owned/lived on at the time. The first incident took place in May of 2013 if I recall correctly. I lived set back in the woods up a long driveway not completely surrounded by forest but mostly. There were a couple houses a hundred or more feet away but I was pretty isolated. I pulled up to my house in front of my garage. I was facing a small chunk of woods behind an old stone wall that was very brushy and bushy and had a lot of big rocks and uneven ground and it all went slightly up hill. I got out of the car with my 4 and a half month old German Shepherd and she uncharacteristically ran away from me toward the aforementioned stone wall barking very aggressively like a full grown Shepherd in protection mode. I was curious what sort of creature could get her to react like that so I took my flashlight out of the car and shined it in the brush but it was so heavy all I could see was a dark shadow moving about 20 ft or so ahead of me very slowly, sounding almost bipedal, like it wasn't very afraid but was keeping its distance. Finally it got to somewhat of a clearing but was crouching and hiding behind a tree poking its head out from behind repeatedly. I wondered what dark bulky figure could have bright reddish orange eyes and move from crouching to standing relatively tall so I initially figured it must have been a black bear and I called my dog inside and went about my business. The very next night I pulled into the same spot and I had a friend with me and we got out of the car and we both heard a large bellowing roar a couple times and it sounded like it was in the area I saw the "bear" the night before. He asked me "what the f--- is that" and I said it must have been what I assumed was the bear I encountered the night before. It wasn't until a few months later when I was watching some videos on sasquatch encounters did I realize what I really saw. Not only that but black bears don't roar. The roar I heard sounded like vocalization recordings of angry sasquatch and the movements of the head and color of the eyes were exactly as anyone who encountered them had reported. According to another sasquatch reporting site there was a sighting in the late 70s in the town next to Bethel (Danbury) and a cast was taken of prints. I firmly believe it was a sasquatch I encountered. Also, like most who encounter them, I started doing alot of research after and consider myself an amateur researcher now.

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