Bigfoot Encounters with Datus Perry: Adventures in Schania County

Posted Tuesday, February 27, 2024

By staff

In a recent video from the YouTube channel BIGFOOT! / William Jevning, host William Jevning and his guests discuss an intriguing encounter with a mysterious creature. The video, titled "BIGFOOT! CAMPFIRE TALK | Behind the scenes Bigfoot discussion | Episode 61," features a conversation between Jevning, Tom, and Forest, as they delve into the world of Bigfoot research. In the video, Jevning shares a story about a man named Datus Perry, an "Oldtimer" who lived in Carson, Washington. Perry claimed to have proof that Bigfoot was real, but as it turned out, his evidence was simply copied from John Green's books. Despite this, Jevning saw the value in having a contact in the area and went on a few calls with Perry, who always insisted on driving at breakneck speeds on logging roads in southern Scania County. One of the most interesting stories from Perry's accounts was a sighting near Cascade Locks, where a man was charged by a Bigfoot. Jevning was able to meet the witness and hear his account firsthand. The encounter was one of the few that really stuck out in Jevning's mind due to the creature's behavior and the discovery of a circle of deer bones in the area. Overall, the video is a fascinating glimpse into the world of Bigfoot research and the stories that are shared among those in the community. If you're interested in learning more about Datus Perry and his accounts, or if you want to hear Jevning's firsthand account of the encounter near Cascade Locks, be sure to check out the video on YouTube.