Analyzing Bigfoot Video Evidence: Proportions, Movement, and Terrain with Jim Brown

Posted Tuesday, February 27, 2024

By staff

In a recent video from The Paranorm Girl Podcast, host Kristen sits down with Sasquatch researcher Jim Brown to discuss video captures of the elusive creature. Brown shares his thoughts on what he looks for in footage to validate or debunk its authenticity. Brown mentions several videos that he finds compelling, such as the Freeman film, Memorial Day footage, and Fourth of July footage, all of which seem to show a Sasquatch carrying a baby. He also recommends checking out MK Davis, Thunker, and Sasquatch Syndicate for analysis of these films. When it comes to evaluating the legitimacy of video evidence, Brown looks for certain characteristics such as proportions (long arms, shorter legs, bent knees), movement (too much like a person or something else), settings (risky terrain, appropriate to the creature's behavior), and any other details that seem out of place. Brown emphasizes the importance of being skeptical and carefully examining the evidence. He notes that it's easy to hoax video evidence, but that CGI is still difficult to create, especially in the past. He also mentions that the Freeman footage was shot in-camera with no after-effects. The conversation then shifts to Bigfoot evidence in general. Brown mentions that footprints are always good evidence, and that there are hundreds of casts of Sasquatch footprints with some even showing deformities. He also mentions that a footprint is not just an impression in the ground, but a record of the interaction between the foot and the ground, making each one unique. I encourage readers to watch the video for a deeper dive into the topic. Jim Brown's insights and expertise are invaluable in the world of Sasquatch research, and The Paranorm Girl Podcast provides a great platform for these conversations.