A Peculiar Bigfoot Vocalization From The Washington Cascades

Posted Wednesday, July 19, 2023

By Squatchable.com staff

In the world of cryptozoology, nothing compares to the eerie thrill of potentially capturing a Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, on audio. One such instance occurred during a 2020 Bigfoot research expedition in the Washington Cascades, resulting in a unique and somewhat haunting recording of a suspected Sasquatch vocalization. The audio recording, curated by BFRO researcher Kirk Brandenburg and his team, was captured on a remote forest road at 2:30 am. The unusual event transpired during a Sasquatch research expedition in Area #3 of the Washington Cascades. The investigators were walking along the road, scanning the surrounding woods with a thermal camera, and recording audio when the peculiar vocalization echoed from the dense wilderness. What makes this audio even more compelling are the surrounding circumstances that lean in favor of a Sasquatch vocalization. The factors include a remote location, the absence of any human presence, pitch-black darkness with no visible lights, lack of hiking trails or camps in the vocalization vicinity, prior recordings of suspected Sasquatch sounds, and numerous Class-A Sasquatch sightings reported in the area over the past thirty years. The fact that the researchers also heard whoops, wood knocks, and heavy movement and even witnessed a large tree falling in a windless environment, just ten minutes prior to the vocalization, is another layer added to the intriguing mystery. A highlight of the audio is the distinct melodic harmony between two different vocal entities. One of our keen listeners, @donnamorgan1671, insightfully noted, "2 different voices singing together." Many listeners were drawn to the eerie beauty of the harmonic interplay, a pattern that may point towards an intriguing hypothesis: Is this an example of Sasquatch teaching or communication? Are these vocalizations a primitive form of song or even a primitive language, as suggested by @phxazdude1969? Other enthusiasts also chimed in with their personal experiences, like @slaughterhound8793, who has heard similar tones from Michigan. This implies a possible wider geographic distribution of such vocalizations, raising more questions about Sasquatch behavior and communication. There are also some questions that need further probing. For instance, the spectrogram analysis presented by @SasquatchBioacoustic suggests a brassy tone with a pitch around 700Hz, a fascinating aspect that calls for deeper bioacoustic analysis. While some may criticize the recording for its "sound artifacts," as pointed out by @paulgraves8302, it's worth remembering that capturing such anomalies in the wilderness, in challenging conditions, is an accomplishment in itself. Ultimately, these alleged Sasquatch vocalizations are shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Yet, these small pieces of the puzzle provide tantalizing glimpses into the possible lives of these elusive creatures. Each new recording, like the one captured by Kirk Brandenburg and his team, brings us one step closer to understanding, or at least appreciating, the fascinating world of the Sasquatch.