Legendary Bigfoot Researcher Shares Recordings of California Bigfoot Vocalizations

Posted Wednesday, April 05, 2023

By Squatchable.com staff

A new podcast features an interview with Ron Morehead, one of the preeminent Bigfoot researchers and paranormal adventurists, who shares his experience in recording what he believes to be the sounds and vocalizations of a California Bigfoot. According to Morehead, he and his companions were on a summer hunting trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California in the early 1970s when they heard strange sounds coming from the same direction as their campsite. Initially, they wrote it off as a bear, but as the vocal exchange continued, they realized these were not bear sounds at all. Morehead described the sounds as "huge" and "strange and eerie," almost like "an oddly distorted human tongue." He also recounted a moment when an angry display from the creature sent shivers down his spine and caused his knees to tremble involuntarily. The group had brought a cassette tape recorder with them and decided to capture the sounds. They later shared the recording with Alan Berry, a reporter who came up to investigate after receiving a message from Ivan Sanderson, a well-known cryptozoologist. The recording, known as the Sierra sounds, has grown in popularity among Bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers over the years. Morehead said he had no idea it would become such a big deal, but he's enjoyed talking about it with people at conventions and podcasts. In the interview, Morehead also talked about his life's work and research into uncovering the secrets of the Sierra sounds. He has been researching Bigfoot for over 50 years and is the author of "Quantum Bigfoot" and "Voices in the Wilderness," which provides more details about his experience and the recordings.