Kentucky Wildman Sighting at Cave Run Lake

Posted Tuesday, March 07, 2023

By staff

The host of the "Mystery Trail" YouTube channel, Tom, recently shared a fascinating story about his encounter with the Kentucky Wildman in 1987. His sighting took place at Cave Run Lake, which was created by flooding the Licking River and submerging two towns, including Zilpo, which still has a campground and a beach. According to Tom, he and his friends drove in a pickup truck to the Zilpo Campground one summer night to go camping and play Navy Seals on the beach. After they were done, they drove back on a gravel road when Tom noticed a strange figure in the headlights. He described it as completely jet black and glossy, with fur similar to a Labrador Retriever's, but without hair. The figure appeared to be from the chest up, with a primitive face resembling Homo erectus, or an interdimensional being. Tom estimated that he saw it for about 30 seconds, as he drove past it and looked out of the side window and the passenger window. Tom asked his companions if they saw it too, and one of them confirmed that he did, but the other was looking in a different direction. Tom and his friend agreed that it looked like a Sasquatch or some kind of animal. They did not stop the truck or back up to investigate further, but continued to another campground and spent the rest of the night. Tom said they did not talk much about the sighting, but he thought about it often and went back to the area to look for evidence. Tom's story is intriguing because he seems sincere, articulate, and detailed in his recollection. He also has a blog post and artwork about the sighting that he shared in the video, which adds to his credibility. There are other reports in Kentucky, such as the "Beast of the Land Between the Lakes" and the "Mammoth Cave Monster." Cave Run Lake is a large and secluded area that could provide habitat and resources for such creatures.