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Bigfoot Sighting in Texas Creek

Posted Thursday, March 02, 2023

By staff

A new video has surfaced on YouTube, documenting a recent sighting of Bigfoot in Texas Creek, just 26 miles west of Canyon City in Colorado. The video was posted by Glenn and Joel, who are Bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers. According to the video, a large, hairy animal with dark brown, black hair was seen 20-30 yards away, peeking over a pine bush. The creature let out a blood-curdling growling, howling scream, which led the witness to realize it wasn't a friend sneaking up on them. The video also mentions broken red branches and an absence of medulla. The video then goes on to show Glenn and Joel conducting an investigation in the same area where the sighting took place. Unfortunately, the investigation was hindered by the weather, as a new snow front was blowing in, making it difficult to find any physical signs of Bigfoot. However, during an interview with a witness, Linda, some interesting details were revealed. Linda had encountered a creature that was larger than any animal she had ever seen and resembled a massive bucket. It had a flat nose, a whitish-brown face, and its head was attached to its shoulder. Linda was out walking her dogs when she saw the creature skirt the edge of the woods and turn to look at her. Her dogs were barking and looking at the creature, and Linda was scared. Glenn and Joel investigated the site and found game trails, deer tracks, and disturbed soil. They even found a large footprint that was distinct and unmistakably not a deer. They also measured the trees in the area and found one that was more than double their height.