Unusual Howl Sparks Debate Among Bigfoot Enthusiasts: Sasquatch or Barred Owl?

Posted Wednesday, March 01, 2023

By Squatchable.com staff

Bigfoot Enthusiasts Discover Strange Howl - Is it Sasquatch or an Owl? Recently, a video appeared on YouTube that has caught the attention of many Bigfoot enthusiasts, witnesses, and researchers. The video, recorded a couple of months ago, features a weird howl dubbed "the siren howl" by the person who captured it. The video has sparked numerous responses and ideas from the community about what the sound might be. The person who recorded the siren howl is interested in the whole idea of Sasquatch and wondered if the sound might be related to this elusive creature. They received suggestions that the sound could be a barred owl, a bird species commonly found in Michigan, where the video was recorded. To investigate this hypothesis, the person compared the siren howl with a known recording of a barred owl call and found some similarities. However, the person also noted some differences, such as the weird ending of the siren howl and the occurrence of wood knocks and other strange howls in the area. The person consulted ornithologists, who confirmed that barred owls can make single calls but were not entirely sure if the siren howl was a barred owl call. The person acknowledged that the evidence was not conclusive and that they were unsure about what the sound was. The video has sparked some debate in the Bigfoot community about whether the sound could be evidence of Sasquatch. Some people argue that the sound is too unusual to be an owl call and might be a vocalization of a Bigfoot. Others suggest that the simplest explanation, according to Occam's Razor, is that the sound is indeed an owl call, possibly from a barred owl that has some unusual features or behaviors. The video has also demonstrated some positive aspects of the Bigfoot community, such as the willingness to share data, compare notes, and collaborate with experts. The person who recorded the siren howl expressed gratitude for the help they received from other people and encouraged civility and open-mindedness in the search for the unknown. Overall, the siren howl has added to the data and speculation about Bigfoot in the area. Whether the sound is a Sasquatch or an owl remains a matter of debate and interpretation. However, the video has demonstrated that the search for Bigfoot can be an exciting and collaborative pursuit that brings people together and encourages curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.