In Search of Sasquatch: Exploring a Legendary Treasure Site Guarded by Thunderbirds and Demon Forest Man

Posted Wednesday, March 01, 2023

By staff

I have a video that's been making the rounds on YouTube. It was filmed in an undisclosed location by an intrepid explorer who is on the hunt for a Native American legend of buried treasure. The legend goes that the treasure is guarded by Thunderbirds and demon Forest man, which is said to be Sasquatch. In the video, the explorer describes the area as being very squatchy and filled with pine trees and deadfall. He mentions that there have been multiple sightings in the area, and that he has taken precautions such as bringing weapons and bear spray. The video shows the explorer navigating through rough terrain, walking past beaver dams, and encountering various wildlife such as cicadas, ducks, and a beaver. He also notes that he saw a crane with a red head, which he found surprising since he didn't know those birds lived in Utah. The explorer and his friends were supposed to meet up with two other individuals who had experiences with Sasquatch in the area. However, they were an hour late due to a gate being locked and had to navigate a longer route. They ended up only meeting with one of the individuals, and the others were never found. The explorer notes that he is documenting his journey and not expecting to see Sasquatch in the daytime, although he keeps his eyes sharp for any potential danger. He eventually breaks away from the trail and heads into the woods in search of the boggy area where the treasure is said to be buried. While the video doesn't show any direct evidence of Sasquatch, the explorer's descriptions of the area and his encounter with wildlife suggest that the location could be a potential hotspot for Sasquatch sightings. The legend of buried treasure guarded by Thunderbirds and demon Forest man adds an interesting layer to the story and could be a potential motive for Sasquatch to inhabit the area. As always, we encourage all Bigfoot enthusiasts to approach such claims with an open mind and a healthy dose of skepticism. But with this video, we can continue our search for the truth behind the Sasquatch legend.