Oklahoma Real Estate Agent's Chilling Bigfoot Encounters and Family Ordeal

Posted Friday, June 21, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

A real estate agent from Southeast Oklahoma shares his chilling Bigfoot encounters in a recent interview. Denny, the agent, discussed his experiences on the Bigfoot Society YouTube channel, and they are certainly worth a listen. Denny's first memory of Bigfoot dates back to his childhood in Camden, Arkansas. He remembers seeing a display of the Minnesota Iceman at a local Piggly Wiggly grocery store. The memory was brought back to him during a conference, where he heard a speaker talking about the same exhibit. As an adult, Denny's first visual sighting of a Bigfoot occurred while he was living in Mississippi. He was fishing in a pond when he saw a "big hairy gray man" on the other side, staring at him with "big almond-looking eyes." Denny's encounter is a classic example of the type of sightings that have been reported by people all over the world. Denny's encounters didn't stop there. He and his family experienced a series of strange occurrences, including objects being thrown at their house and a loud whistle that could be heard outside. Despite not being able to see the Bigfoot, they could hear it and could see the traces it left behind. The most terrifying encounter occurred when Denny was playing basketball outside. Something reached through a window and grabbed his arm, trying to pull him outside. Denny was able to escape, but the encounters didn't stop there. The final straw came when a log was thrown against the side of Denny's house, causing a fire to break out. Denny and his family were forced to leave their home, and they never returned. Denny's experiences are a reminder of the mysterious and often frightening nature of Bigfoot encounters. His story is just one of many that have been reported over the years, and it serves as a reminder that there is still much we don't know about the world around us. If you're interested in hearing more about Denny's encounters, be sure to check out the Bigfoot Society YouTube channel. And, if you have your own Bigfoot sighting to report, the channel encourages you to reach out and share your story. Who knows, you may be the next person to have a chilling encounter with the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot.