Bigfoot Researchers Share La Camp Experiences and Lared Meadow Plans

Posted Friday, June 21, 2024

By staff

If you're a fan of Bluff Creek and its rich history in the world of Sasquatch research, then you'll want to check out this video from the YouTube channel Tate Hieronymus. In this episode of "Sasquatch: A Search for SA," Tate and his fellow researchers, Ron Reed and Ste Lindsay, reminisce about their time spent at LA Camp, a spot known for its eerie and intriguing atmosphere. As they sit by the creek, the trio shares their memories of the beautiful scenery, the chilly waters, and the unique camaraderie that comes from spending extended periods of time in the wilderness. They also discuss the challenges of living off the grid and the simple pleasures of a hot meal, like the corn tortilla and hot dog concoction that Ste learned to cook during their time at LA Camp. But the real excitement comes when Ron shares a clip from his "Trailing Giants" podcast, where he and Tate dive deeper into their experiences at Bluff Creek. They discuss the creepy feeling that permeates the area and the mysterious sounds they've heard in the woods. At one point, Tate even thinks he hears two faint knocks in the distance. While there's no definitive proof of Sasquatch in this video, the passion and enthusiasm of these researchers is contagious. They clearly believe in the existence of these elusive creatures and are dedicated to uncovering the truth. So if you're looking for a glimpse into the world of Sasquatch research, or just want to hear some fascinating stories from the Bluff Creek area, be sure to check out this video. And who knows, maybe you'll hear those mysterious knocks for yourself.