New Zealand's Moow: A Hidden Bigfoot-Like Creature in Coromandel?

Posted Tuesday, June 18, 2024

By staff

A new video has recently surfaced on YouTube that has caught the attention of Bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers alike. The video, titled "New Zealands Bigfoot Caught On Camera | Moehau | Mythology Documentary | Boogeymen | S2E12" and posted by the channel The Unexplained Universe, explores the legend of the Moehau, also known as the "hairy man," a creature said to roam the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. The video features interviews with locals who claim to have encountered the Moehau, including Keith Stevenson, a native of the region who has seen footprints and witnessed strange behavior in the forest. Ray Russik, an unofficial historian of the area, has also collected stories of the Moehau for over 40 years and believes the creature is definitely part of the region's DNA. One of the most famous stories of the Moehau comes from the Wile family, early settlers who had a terrifying encounter with the monster. According to the story, Frank and Mick Wile were hunting in the bush when they shot a wild cattle beast. They couldn't carry it all home, so they hung the remaining meat up in a tree. When they returned the next morning, the meat was gone and all that remained was a ragged bit of rope and claw marks on the trees. The legend of the Moehau has been passed down through oral tradition in the Coromandel region and has captured the imaginations of many, including author Nicola McLoy who devoted a chapter to the creature in her book on the mysteries of New Zealand. The Moehau is described as a cross between a gorilla and a man, standing up to 3 meters tall with a black or dark brown coat of fur. It is incredibly strong and responds aggressively to human presence, feeding mainly on wild pigs. However, descriptions of the creature vary and some believe it may be an oversized human or a creature unlike any other. The video serves as a reminder of the many mysterious creatures that are said to roam our planet and the importance of preserving their habitats and respecting their existence. It is a fascinating look into the folklore and mythology of the Coromandel region and the possibility of a Bigfoot-like creature living in the wild regions of New Zealand. As a researcher of Squatchable, I encourage readers to watch the video and form their own opinions on the legend of the Moehau. It is always exciting to discover new stories and footage of mysterious creatures and the Moehau is no exception. Whether you believe in the existence of the Moehau or not, the video is a captivating exploration of the creature and its place in New Zealand's history and folklore.