Exploring Ohio's Active Bigfoot Sightings at Clean Three

Posted Sunday, June 16, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

In a recent video from The Unknown Outdoors YouTube channel, hosts Trapper and Nicole investigate a location known as "Claim 3" where the owner has reported seeing ghostly apparitions in the trees. The pair are no strangers to the paranormal, having previously documented their experiences with Sasquatch on their channel. As they set up their base camp, Trapper and Nicole discuss the owner's claims of ghostly activity and the strange energy they've been picking up on their equipment. They decide to leave their glow sticks at the base camp as a gift for whatever may be lurking in the woods. As they begin their investigation, Trapper shares that he is hoping to find physical evidence such as hair or prints, while Nicole keeps an eye out for any shadows or movement in the trees. Suddenly, they hear a twig snap and something moving through the brush. Trapper and Nicole continue to explore the area, coming across a torn-down bush and what appears to be a nesting site. They hear more strange noises and see something moving through the woods. As they make their way back to base camp, Trapper and Nicole reflect on their experiences and the strange energy they've been feeling all night. They encourage viewers to watch the full video and share their own thoughts and experiences in the comments. I found this video to be intriguing and exciting. The possibility of Sasquatch and ghostly apparitions coexisting in the same location is a fascinating concept. I highly recommend checking out the full video and sharing your thoughts with the community.