Oregon Bigfoot Sightings: Unveiling Encounters in McMinville & Umatilla Forest

Posted Sunday, June 16, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

Oregon has a rich history of Bigfoot sightings and videos, and the YouTube channel Rocky Mountain Sasquatch has recently shared some intriguing footage and investigation results. One video, reportedly taken near McMinville, Oregon, features a Sasquatch with extraordinarily long arms. The witness, Ben, believes the photo to be genuine and sent it to Rocky Mountain Sasquatch for analysis. The team notes the creature's long arms, which they've observed in other encounters. In another investigation, the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch team visited the Umatilla Forest in the Blue Mountains near Harris Park, Oregon. This location is just 14 miles from the famous Paul Freeman Bigfoot video site near Duck Springs and Sho Creek. During their investigation, they discovered a backpacking trail starting at approximately 5,300 feet elevation and winding down over 37 miles to around 280 feet at Harris Park. The team also investigated the location where Kelly and her daughter filmed a Bigfoot in Harris Park. They were surprised by how far away the creature was and how steep the mountain was. The team realized that the creature was large and robust, and that hiking up to its location would require crossing a river and navigating through thorny vegetation. During their weeklong investigation, the team deployed game cameras and captured images of turkey, deer, and elk. They suggest that the creature recently filmed may be after the abundant game in the area or may eat the same food sources as these animals. Paul Freeman filmed a Bigfoot near Duck Springs and Sho Creek in 1994, and the recent footage was taken around 2,100 feet elevation during the late fall of 2023. The team believes that these creatures may drop over 3,000 feet elevation to escape deep snow and access better temperatures and food sources during the winter. The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch team's investigations provide valuable insights and evidence, contributing to the ongoing search for Bigfoot in Oregon and beyond. To learn more, be sure to watch the full videos on their YouTube channel.