Mothman Sightings and Paranormal Tales in West Virginia

Posted Tuesday, May 21, 2024

By staff

In a recent video from the YouTube channel Eerie Travels, hosts Amica and Mark interview the team behind Wild and Weird Radio of West Virginia. The duo is known for their love of all things cryptids, ghosts, and paranormal phenomena, and they've created a welcoming and inclusive community for like-minded individuals. During the interview, Ron and Joe share their personal experiences that sparked their interest in the paranormal. For Ron, it was a Bigfoot-centric encounter, while Joe's interest was piqued by aliens. Both had support from family members and teachers who encouraged their curiosity in the unknown. The conversation then turns to favorite monsters, with Godzilla and Mothman topping the list. The team behind Wild and Weird Radio shares their experiences with Mothman sightings and the strange encounters that followed. I encourage readers to check out the full video for more on their fascinating stories. It's always exciting to hear from fellow Bigfoot believers and paranormal enthusiasts.