Upstate New York Witness Describes Striking Bigfoot Encounter with Goat-Like Legs

Posted Tuesday, May 21, 2024

By staff

A new video posted on the YouTube channel Campfire Cult Podcast has caught the attention of Bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers. The video, titled "21 - A Doppelganger, Group Stalkers, Wendigo and much more!", features firsthand accounts of chilling encounters with the paranormal, including an encounter with a mysterious creature in Upstate New York near the location of the notorious Whitehall Bigfoot sightings. The video begins with the host, Jaz, welcoming new subscribers and thanking those who have been with her from the beginning. She then goes on to discuss some big things coming to the channel, including patreon only content, extended episodes, and special merchandise. The first encounter discussed in the video takes place in Upstate New York, where the witness and their partner live on the border near the Whitehall Bigfoot sighting location. The witness describes how their partner had seen a creature that looked like a fox or coyote, but stood up on its hind legs and ran away quickly. A month later, the witness themselves had a strange encounter while outside on their porch one night. They describe feeling like they were being watched and seeing a large, black creature with piercing red eyes standing on its hind legs near a trailer on their property. The creature was taller than the witness and had legs like a goat-human hybrid and a torso like a hybrid of man and canine. The witness, who is religious, states that the creature did not fit the description of any demon they had heard of and that it is one of the few things in their life they cannot explain. The next encounter discussed in the video takes place in the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest, where an experienced hiker finds themselves stalked by an unseen menace. The hiker describes the area as having a gorgeous collection of habitats and being safe as long as you're aware of your surroundings. However, one night while hiking, the witness heard whispers, snapping twigs, and rustling, and felt like they were being followed. They eventually made it back to their car, but saw seven or eight men in the distance with blades and other objects, who appeared to be trying to get to the witness before they could get to their car. The final encounter discussed in the video is by a college student recounting the eerie encounter his brother had with an unsettling presence in their childhood home. The witness's brother, who was a junior in high school at the time, was the only child left on one end of the house and described feeling like he was being watched and hearing strange noises. These accounts of encounters with mysterious creatures and unseen menaces are sure to intrigue and excite Bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers. The video is a must-watch for those interested in the paranormal and the unexplained. I encourage our readers to watch the video and share their thoughts and opinions with us. The video is a great reminder of the mysterious and unexplained phenomena that exist in our world and the importance of keeping an open mind and exploring the unknown. Note: The video and its content are not owned or created by Squatchable. It is a third-party video that has been discovered on YouTube. Squatchable does not claim any ownership or rights to the video and its content. The video is embedded on our website for informational and educational purposes only. We encourage our readers to watch the video and share their thoughts and opinions with us.