Harley's First Bigfoot Encounter: Appalachian Tracks and Vocalizations

Posted Monday, May 20, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

A new and chilling encounter with a Bigfoot creature has been shared on the YouTube channel Mysteries Unknown. The witness, Harley, had a Class A encounter with a Dogman in the Appalachian Mountains, which left him shaken and fortunate to be alive. He had previously encountered a Bigfoot creature while working for an auction company, which sparked his interest in the mysterious beings. Harley's first encounter with a Bigfoot occurred on September 23, 2020. He was working on a job site when he heard strange growls and saw a creature peeping in and out from behind a tree. Although he managed to capture a picture of the creature, his phone drained completely, leaving him in awe of what he had just witnessed. The following day, he found tracks and captured vocalizations of the creatures, which he later analyzed and found to range from 500 Hertz to 2,000 Hertz. Harley's encounter with the Dogman occurred on a different day. He was hiking with his wife when they stumbled upon a hunting blind with an 8.5 ft long bedded area. As they continued hiking, Harley heard something moving in the woods and decided to investigate. He found a huge game trail and saw a Bigfoot standing behind a tree, about 30 yards away from him. The creature was 8.5 ft tall and reddish-brown in color. Harley's encounters with the Bigfoot and Dogman have changed his life forever. He has since started a Facebook group, YouTube channel, and Tik Tok account to share his experiences and research. He goes out three to four times a week to hike and research the mysterious beings. Harley's encounters are a reminder of the mysterious and elusive nature of Bigfoot and Dogman. Many people have reported sightings and encounters with these creatures, but there is still no concrete evidence of their existence. The video of Harley's encounter with the Dogman is a chilling reminder of the mysterious and elusive nature of these creatures. If you're a Bigfoot enthusiast, witness, or researcher, be sure to check out the video on Mysteries Unknown's YouTube channel. It's a fascinating and chilling encounter that will leave you questioning the existence of these mysterious creatures.