The Midnight Ocean with Guest Samantha Ritchie

Join, The Midnight Ocean, Late Night's Paranormal Podcast, as we talk with Bigfoot Researcher Samantha Ritchie. ? Join the Movember team, together ...

Posted 11/1/2016

Yukon Howler Bigfoot Encounter Alaska

I may have tempted Fate when I dressed like the Yukon Howler's Fairy Godmother for Halloween. The Yukon Howler is a Sasquatch discovered in Alaska. I ...

Posted 11/1/2016

Sasquatch Watch Radio - WV Expedition Show

Please join hosts Billy Willard and DBD, aka The Blogsquatcher, as we discuss the recent WV Expediton. Sasquatch Watch of VA over the past weekend wen...

Posted 10/30/2016

Kinder Egg Chocolate Yowie for Bigfooters

Australian Yowie for Halloween! Kinder Egg. Bigfoot! RMSO Bigfoot Organization! Keep on watching! We will keep on Squatching!#Bigfoot. #Kinder Egg...

Posted 10/30/2016

Do you want to see a sasquatch. Breakdown

Breakdown of video footage shot in Colorado claiming to show bigfoot....

Posted 10/30/2016

Youth Leader Spots Bigfoot at Twin Peaks Bible Camp

During night games a youth leader at a bible camp in Colorado observes a massive Bigfoot eluding other participants of these games under a partial moo...

Posted 10/30/2016

Schooled by Sasquatch for taking a walking stick (2015)

I was schooled by Sasquatch for taking a walking stick in 2015. While making this video, I made a HUGE discovery in a clip shown towards the end. See ...

Posted 10/29/2016

Sasquatch Watch Radio // One Year Anniversary Show! Guest Thomas Steenburg

Please join hosts Billy Willard and DBD, aka The Blogsquatcher, for our one year anniversary show as we invite Thomas Steenburg to the show. Tom is an...

Posted 10/26/2016

Strange Bigfoot Tracks Bigfoot Outlaw Radio Ep25 Part 2

We continue our discussion of some of the stranger tracks we've found while chasing bigfoot around, and give a few pointers we've picked up over the y...

Posted 10/24/2016

There's Bigfoot In These Hills ~The Bigfoot VLOG #1: Tripod Session Above Canyon

Tripod session above the canyon near Bigfoot sighting from 1998. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Posted 10/23/2016

Big Guys here

Sasquatch's, STOP at the very begining .01 time to see the ones chilling on right side of screen PLEASE! Then move on to the Biggies far back. I think...

Posted 10/23/2016

SC EP:264 One who runs and hides

I will be speaking to Phil and Phil was out hunting over 10 years ago in Minnesota when he came across an unknown creature. Phil says ...

Posted 10/23/2016

Hernando County Florida (Class B) BFRO

Family views something standing in a field in the Chassahowitzka Wildlife Area

While on vacation, we were on our way to watch the sunset. My daughter pointed out her window and said "look! What is that?!" My son sat to her left and I to her right. All three of us looked out the ...

December 2016

Macoupin County Illinois (Class A) BFRO

Nighttime sighting near Sunset Lake west of Girard

I was almost home and I live on West Lake Drive then all the sudden I just see this two legged being about 7 to 8 ft tall just bolts in front of me into the woods just across from my house. It was cov...

November 2016

Berkshire County Massachusetts (Class B) BFRO

Another possible encounter along Appalachian Trail

I have hiked the Appalachian Trail Georgia to Hanover NH ( 2006-Present ), I am a section hiker. While staying at The Tom Leonard Selter,East Mtn State Park Mass.I had an incident. While solo camping ...

September 2015

Madison County Illinois (Class B) BFRO

Possible nightime sighting along Scott-Troy Road south of Troy

I was driving along Scott-Troy Road after work one night. It was around 8:15 pm when I was driving through some wooded parts of Scott-Troy. I saw something large, black and hairy take two-three giant ...

November 2016

Valley County Idaho (Class A) BFRO

Frightened teen deer hunter feels stalked by large hairy bipedal animal

We were camped at an old abandoned mining town and mine near Deadwood Res. in Oct. 1996. Our son had an encounter with an unidentifiable being. My husbands company was helicopter logging near an area ...

October 1996

Greenbrier County West Virginia (Class A) BFRO

Three Creatures observed Ripping Limbs and Bark from Trees in the Monongahela National Forest

Many years ago while camping in Monongahela National Forest in the fall with my family, my son and I decided to walk around part of the lake at night time. It was a beautiful bright night. the tempera...

October 1994

Pocahontas County West Virginia (Class B) BFRO

Possible sighting during BFRO's West Virginia expedition, Spring 2005

My husband and I attended the BFRO expedition in West Virginia in Spring of 2005. The base camp was next to a river in the mountains near the Virginia border. On Thursday afternoon most of the peo...

April 2005

El Paso County Colorado (Class B) BFRO

Hunter's elk calls ellicit vocal responses from multiple animals

Last year during archery season my 12year old son and I were elk hunting off Rampart Range road between forest rd 322 and Mt Herman rd and herd strange noises. I am an avid archery hunter and have hun...

October 2002

Ontario Canada (Class B) BFRO

Strange vocalizations heard in the Markdale area

Visiting my mother's old house located on a 100-acre maple wood lot between Markdale and the Beaver Valley in South-Western Ontario. Surrounding area is a mixture of fields and large expanses of wood ...

August 1995

Oneida County New York (Class B) BFRO

Man recounts childhood incident at his home on Oneida Lake

When I was 11 years old I was living with my mother and step-father in upstate New York. Our home was on the shores of Oneida Lake and bordered the southern boundary of Verona Beach State Park. On...

October 1972

Marion County Florida (Class B) BFRO

Bowhunter hears a massive crash and possible screams in the Ocala National Forest

It was last bow season around the middle of sept in Ocala Na.forest, I was in the tree 1/2 hour before daylight, i had an encounter with a black bear 2 or 3 days before in the same area, it came out o...

September 2011

Taos County New Mexico (Class B) BFRO

Possible vocalizations, knocks heard by hunters in the Gallegos peak area

From sept 30th-oct 4th,2006 I was hunting with a friend [name withheld by request] in northern New Mexico Mtns. at about 9,500ft. On the evening of the 2nd I was heading back to camp when I heard ...

October 2006